HEX to Decimal Converter

The hexadecimal to decimal conversion becomes easier when you know the right procedure for using this tool.

The hexadecimal to decimal conversion becomes easier when you know the right procedure for using this tool.

HEX to Decimal

Hex to decimal is a tool used to convert hexadecimal numbers into simple decimal numbers. Basically, the complicated number systems and their conversion are simplified by this converter making things simpler and easier. The best thing is it is available on the internet and if you want, you can download it as well for later use.

In this article, I am going to mention everything you want to understand about this converter. Along with it, I will also mention the steps through which you can carry out the procedure of converting one number system into another manually, which will help you to find the answer even if this convertor isn't working well. Tag along and go through each and every step that I am going to explain below in this article. Don't neglect any of them as each plays a vital role. Let's begin then.

Hex to Decimal

All About The Tool

There are different types of hex to decimal convertors that are flooding the internet and each one has the same method of converting the hex into a decimal system. But they do not explain how this procedure is carried out, only a few sites with the best tools explain the method at the end. This tool was developed to give the answers quickly and save up your precious time so that you don't need to go through the whole process manually. 

As I mentioned there are several tools on the internet so I will explain how this converter works generally. The general hex to decimal converter has the input field which has a title of "from" and opposite to it is another input field which is titled "To". Both of these input fields have a drop-down arrow as well on which if you click a list of different number systems appears such as binary, octal, hexadecimal, and decimal.

For example, if you wanna find the value of hexadecimal into decimal then in the first input field you will select hex and in the second input field, you will select decimal. After that, you have to put the figures of hexadecimal that you wanna convert into decimals. After that, you have to click on "Convert"  given below and the answer will just pop up within no seconds.

Some of the best converters on the internet will show the steps as well through which it solved the problem within milliseconds. These steps would be easier for you to understand if you already knew the steps and you can counter the method to check if the tool is authentic or not. But if you don't know the manual way of converting number systems into each other keep on reading as I am going to explain the easiest way.

How to do Conversion Manually

Now we will learn to do the hex to a decimal manually. I will take you from the very beginning so that you may understand the whole concept quickly and clearly. I know that this part of mathematics is a bit complicated but believe me, you are going to thank me later on because the steps through which I will make you learn this calculation is so simple that you will love it.

Number System

Basically, converting the hexadecimal into decimal is a whole process of the number system. In this system, there are 4 major total systems binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal, etc. Each of these has its own base numbers through which they are converted into each other. But along with having a base number, there is also a table that helps convert the hex (hexadecimal) into decimal.

Hexadecimal and Decimal System

This table is called a conversion table. Basically, the table of hexadecimal is composed of 16 digits and characteristics. That is 0,1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15. But there is a little complication over here as from 10 to 15 there are alphabets used in this table that are A, B, C, D, E, F. The hex decimal number has a base of 16. Now come to the decimal table. The decimal table is composed of 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. the base number of the decimal system is 10. 

First of all the numbers to be converted are selected from the hexadecimal table. Now if you have, supposing C and F in the question you will find their value from the decimal table placed parallel to the hex table. now here we will use the base number 16 with all the numbers that need to be converted into decimal. There are also powers to the base which start from 0 and increase to 1, 2, and so on from right to left.

Also, there is one other formula as well through which you can make this conversion of two number systems in each other but I will explain that later on. Now it's time that I give you an example of the thesis hex to decimal process. Suppose that the question is to convert 6CF (hex) to decimal, we will write it as follows

Question: convert 6CF (hex) to decimal.

Solution: of  6CF

The values are as follows.




(6x16 with the power of 2) + (12x16 with the power of 1 ) + (15x16 with the power of 0)

Here in the 16 with the power of zero will be converted to 1

(1536) + (192) + (180)


Significance of Hexadecimals

Hexadecimal is more human-friendly. You must be thinking how? Well, they combine the binary numbers and make them compact. A large number of binary numbers when taking the transformation into a few digits makes it easier for the person to read and understand it.  Hexadecimal compactness has given it huge importance in the number system. The transformation of two digit system into characters makes it efficient and easier for the computer to understand.

Formula to Convert Hexadecimal into Decimal

  • Keep the base as 16.
  • Each number should be multiplied by the exponent of 16.
  • The exponent increases from 0 onwards while moving from right to left.
  • And all the numbers in the end.

Draw Backs

There is plenty of hex to decimal tools available on the internet but not everyone works the same nor has the best results always. It is better to use the one from some authentic site. It will be even better to learn the formula so that you can recheck the answer in your spare time. 

Moreover, if you are preparing for an exam or presentation then you should definitely know all the concepts as relying on the tools is not safe. I would recommend that no one should use these tools as they make you lazy at learning the formulas and concepts through which your mind expands.


Is learning a conversion table important for hex to decimal important?

Yes, it is very necessary t learn to the table as without learning it you want to know what are the values of alphabets in the decimal column. 

What is the decimal system? 

In the decimal system, there are 10 numbers from 0 to 9. The base number of this system is 10.

What is the hexadecimal system?

There are combinations of alphabets and numbers in this system. The total characters are 16 from 0 to 15, after 9 starts the alphabet series which can be converted into numbers if you know the conversion table. The base number in this system is 16.

Where is hexadecimal used in real life?

It is used in color references, error messages and assembly language programs, and much more. So if anyone of you thinks that there is no use for it in real life then one is absolutely wrong.  Moreover, the number system is used in most computer domains and is also used in the computer language. 


I hope this article was helpful for you. Furthermore, converting the hex into a decimal system is never difficult only if you know the right formula, and conversion table and follow both of them accurately then you can convert the hex to decimal just in no time. Lastly, always recheck the changed values before adding them up. Sometimes the formula and conversion table is absolutely right but a minor mistake in multiplication can add up to the whole answer.