HTML Encode

HTML encode will not only save your time but will save you several bucks too, but you have to keep a few things in mind before using it.

No matter if you are a newbie to the computer field or making a presentation on the boss's demand if you are thinking of using HTML encode then it is gonna benefit you in every way. But you have to be aware of a few things while using this tool otherwise your important document can be affected. Don't worry as I will explain everything below in this article.

HTML encode is one of the tools that has made life easier for every computer user. One can encode the desired results in less than a minute. So today I will tell you everything about HTML encoding and some other factors related to it which will not only add to your information but will help you with your assignments later on. Let's begin then.

HTML Encode

HTML encoding has been easier since we got tools on the internet. With just a click you get several tools on which you can enter or paste the desired text to be encoded. As I have mentioned, there are several tools, but it doesn't mean all of them are secure and authentic. Most of them are fake and take your data away.

As these tools are totally free of cost, people get caught in their gimmicks, but later on, they only regret it. So before you select any of these on the internet it would be better to check which one is authentic and safe. You may ask your friends or colleagues who have already used a specific tool and have had a great experience, then you can follow that site for your tasks. For this issue of data breaching we have developed Convertzen HTML Encode so that you can easily edit your document easily and safely.

Along with this, every site has its own procedure through which you can encode the text. There are several sites and each of them is different so choose the one which is easy and understandable. Moreover, choose the one that gives you the option of editing so that you can edit your inserted text before the results come up. It will save you time.

Another best part or you can say the benefit of this HTML encoding tool is that you don't need to install any software for it. This will save you time and will keep your computer's storage free. On the other hand, if you install the software then it might consume a lot of space in your hard drive and will also cost you too much. Now let's explore how to use this HTML encode tool.

General Steps

  1. First of all select the tools with which you want to work. I repeat that take your colleague's suggestion and select the authentic site.
  2. You will see that there are two blocks on the page, one titled "encode" and the other "decode". Not every site has the Decode block, but as I am talking in general terms I will mention each and everything here.
  3. Now, as you are supposed to encode the text, write the text in the encode block.
  4. If you have text in some other file then copy it from there and paste it into the encode box. There is no option for uploading files because HTML is usually a single line that can be copied easily.
  5. Now look for the option saying "Encode" at the bottom or side of that block.
  6. Click the encode option and wait for a few seconds
  7. After 2 to 3 seconds the encoded HTML will be uploaded in the next block.
  8. Copy the encoded HTML address and use it.


  • The steps mentioned above are general. Every tool varies from one another but these steps will help you with almost every site.
  • It might take up to a few seconds depending on the internet. If your internet is slow or the hard drive storage is full then it could take longer. But on average the results are uploaded in just 2 to 3 seconds.


  • Plenty of tools are available on the internet which can be used anytime and anywhere with just access to the internet.
  • You don't require any software for this procedure.
  • This will save you time and money.
  • Efficient in providing results.
  • Simple to understand and use.


  • Can't say with certainty which site is authentic.
  • Each site is different from one another.
  • The results might take longer if the storage is full or the internet is slow.

Significance of HTML

Html has great importance in the web world. Without HTML the web would not know how to upload the right text at the right time. Moreover, HTML also deals with images and formatting. With the right HTML address, an accurate web is opened with the right display that you have been looking for. 

Difference between URL and HTML

In simple words, you can say that URL is the address that helps you find the document that you have been searching for. The URL lies in the address bar at the top of the web that you are browsing. If you want to send it to someone then just copy that as a whole and right-click, select copy, now go to the site where you would like to share it, click right and select paste.

But URL is just an address without HTML the site won't even run in the first place. Basically, HTML uploads the page, if there is no HTML attached then the access would be denied. Also, HTML has a lot to do with images and text formatting too. You can edit your web page through HTML in any way you want. Almost every other site is built with HTML syntax.

On the other hand, if I talk about sharing then I would like to inform you that the URL is most easy to share as it is compact. While the HTML is pretty complex to be shared. The URL is mostly one-liner while HTML has too many lines. Thus each one is necessary, and both of them work together to make the site work in an extraordinary way.


What is the importance of HTML?

HTML is recognized by almost every browser. There might be a few browsers that do not recognize this syntax. This is the easiest syntax that can even be understood by humans.

Can I make a website without coding?

Well, there are plenty of tools available on the internet through which you can make your own website in just a few minutes. There is no stress of coding and decoding and there is no knowledge required about the computer syntax. Just select the best authentic and safe tool to build up your own site. Some of these tools demand a few bucks for their premium packages but most of them are free of cost.

What is a no-code website?

This website is for programmers and non-programmers, the ones who know about coding and the ones who don't know anything about coding. This site was developed especially for people who had graphical skills but couldn't put them on the site due to coding. Through this site, these students were facilitated and now everyone can work on such sites.

Can you build a website without CSS?

Yes, for sure one can easily build a website without CSS. But there is a question, do you like an ugly sites? Or would you browse on an ugly site? No right? CSS does the same work. CSS maintains the size and color of the page making it presentable.


I hope you found this article really helpful and that you found answers to all the questions that you have been looking for. Before you use this tool make sure that you are in an area where the internet signals are the most. Secondly, check whether the site you are about to use is authentic or not. Because you cannot just give away your personal data at every unknown site. Lastly, if you are looking for more lowdown like this then stay tuned as I will be right back for you my friends, till then goodbye.