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Image cropper is an online tool used for cropping, resizing, or improving the quality of your image while focusing on the main object.

Image Cropper

Optimizing your images before uploading them online is one of the most important tasks for the visual content creator. Furthermore, for rotating, resizing and color correcting your image, you need an image cropper for performing all these tasks for you.

Image cropper is basically a tool located at the feature area of many profile pages whose basic function is to scale the uploaded image into appropriate proportions and then create its multiple sizes. Moreover, cropping an image can be a necessary task in order to change the aspect ratio, improve the image composition along with removing unnecessary elements in the image while focusing on the main subject.

Best Image Cropper

This is one of the best and oldest online image croppers which is free of cost. It can resize more than 3000 images easily every day. You can use this image cropper by simply clicking on the browse button on the home page. After that, select the image from the folder of your camera or computer and press the continue button to upload the image on website. After uploading the picture, the edit mode displays on the screen, helping you to edit, resize or add special effects accordingly.

In case, if you are cropping the image from the web page, make sure you must have a URL of the respective website. Moreover, for getting the URL, copy the link from the home page of the website and then paste it into “Copy image URL”. Apart from this, you can also edit images of maximum file size up to 100MP and can upload BMP, PNG, GIF, and JPEG formatted image files.

Furthermore, it also allows the users to crop multiple sizes of images and download them in zip files. Having both free and paid options, you can use the service without signing up. 

Furthermore, with the help of an intuitive interface, users can easily use this software. The best thing about this software is that it is not only the standard cropping tool but also offers cutting features including cutout, lasso, and shapes.

Moreover, you can crop the image in a classic way by dragging the corner of rectangles and then setting the dimensions of height and width. Apart from this, you can also remove the unwanted area from the image with the help of a cutting tool and can also cut the images into various sizes including square, circle, triangle, star, etc. Another noteworthy feature of this software is that it offers batch edit images for resizing, shadows, saturation, exposure, auto enhancement, etc.

This photo editing software is used for organizing your images and editing them in order to enhance the overall appearance. Furthermore, you can also improve the quality of the images automatically. With the help of this feature, you don’t need to adjust the contrast, saturation, and exposure manually since the software is equipped with a wide range of features to enhance your image quality.


What does it mean to crop an image?

The crop is defined as ‘cut back or ‘to trim’. The image cropper is one of the most used online tools for trimming the edges, cropping the images, removing unwanted elements from the images, and enhancing the quality of the image.

Why do you need to crop an image?

Cropping the image is a necessary task to perform in order to focus on the main subject of the image. Furthermore, with the help of cropping software, you can enhance the quality of the image by removing unwanted edges and backgrounds of the image. Moreover, you can also resize your image as well by making it smaller or larger.

Why should you crop a photo?

Typically, you need to crop the image in order to remove irrelevant details and elements. You also change the aspect ratio of the image accordingly in order to improve the quality and create a focus on the main subject.

What is the difference between cropping and resizing an image?

Resizing the image means changing the dimensions of your image which as a result affects the size of the file. Whereas cropping involves the removal of unwanted edges and elements of the image and creating a focus on the main object in the picture.


Image cropper is basically an online tool that is used for resizing, changing the aspect ratio, and improving the quality of the image. This tool is very helpful as it allows users to create multiple batches of images with various sizes. Furthermore, there is numerous software available in the market that is used for cropping, resizing, and improving the quality of your images. Most of the time, cropping is considered to be a necessary task as it creates focus on the main object of the image by removing the unwanted elements from it.

While talking about the difference between resizing and cropping, resizing is basically changing the dimensions of the image whereas cropping involves removing the unwanted edges and elements from the image and focusing on the main subject. You have to simply drag the edges of the rectangle by setting the dimensions of height and width. By creating this surface, you can remove the targeted area from the image and can also use various other editing tools. After editing, download the zip file on your device.