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Image Enlarger allows you to increase the size of the images according to your desire without losing their quality by increasing pixels.

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Image Enlarger allows you to increase the size of the images according to your desire without losing their quality by increasing pixels.

Are you looking for quality tool to enlarge your photos according to your desire? Then, be happy as plenty of tool can do this task of yours efficiently while maintaining the quality of the images. Enlarging your photos using the software I will explain further in this article is straightforward and doesn't include complicated details.

You simply need to upload the photo you want to get enlarged on the software. The software or tool is developed with an up-to-date algorithm to enhance the quality of images without losing their originality. A good photo enlarger tool can add value to your life as it enables you to save memories and unforgettable moments of your life in an enhanced form.

You can't keep a camera with you; sometimes it happens that scenery of nature or something good you see compels you to take a photo immediately with whatever you have, whether it's a smartphone or a compact camera. But with an average smartphone or a compact camera, you may not capture what you want, a high-resolution picture with all the subjects looking bright. Image enlarger tools work well for you; they can increase the picture's resolution and size according to your desire.

Image Enlarger

How To Enlarge An Image Without Losing The Quality?

A photo enlarger software such Convertzen analyzes the pixels and enhances the resolution of the picture, but it may result in low-quality images. However, in this modern world, there is a solution for every problem, Convertzen’s advanced algorithm allows you to maintain the quality of your photos while enlarging them. Convertzen is user-friendly software; you can install it and do your work efficiently, even if you don't have editing skills. It will enlarge the photo within seconds according to your desired size and aspect ratio.

Thes best way to enlarge an image is using Convertzen online image enlarger. What you have to do is to simply open the website. Upload your image, select the size and done!

Is There A Photo Enlarger For Other Image Formats?

JPG and PNG are the most frequent image formats of images used by manufacturers of cameras. However, some manufacturers use formats like CR2, NEF, and RAF. Convertzen Picture Resizer is a special tool that allows you to convert RAW photos and other formats of images into JPG format before resizing. Convertzen Picture resizer is a unique software; using it, you can perform several tasks, from converting the formats of images to image resizing; it proves to be an all-rounder option. You can also add watermarks and also rename many files simultaneously.

How To Use Batch Photo Enlarger Software?

First, upload the file over the website using the option of "Add File." After uploading the photos, you have multiple options, like resizing, editing, rotating, and effects. Add the photo dimensions, height, and width according to t your wish. It is also possible to resize a large number of images at the same time within a few minutes of hitting the buttons Ctrl+A.

After adding the custom dimensions, you will get many options for converting images. You can also select the output format you want for the enlarged photos, like JPG, GIF, BMP, or PNG. You can add effects, put watermarks, and particular prefixes. After you are done with all the custom settings of the images, click on the start, and you will get the photos you desire.

How To Enlarge An Image Using Photoshop?

Photoshop is an outstanding latest photo editor having multiple tools which allow you to edit your photos according to your wish. Right-click the Photoshop icon, open it and upload the image you want to edit. Enter the new resolution and pixels for the photos by clicking on the image and selecting the image size. Select the Bicubic mode as resampling because it makes everything clear and smooth in pic. Then click OK! Here you will get your dream photo.

Best Photo Enlarger Software of 2022

Many software is available on the internet besides Photoshop and Photo Retoucher for enlargement and other advanced editing of photos. Let's discuss some of the best photo editors of the year 2022.


It is one of the best available photo editors on the internet, with many advanced options. Moreover, it is free, open-source software that doesn't cost you a penny. It uses a mathematical function called Fractal to produce even better results.


IrfanView is another fantastic photo editor available for windows. It is free for personal use, but you will have to pay a small amount for commercial use. It also has several advanced functions to enhance the quality of the images besides resizing them.

ON1 Resizer

ON1 Resziser is a well-known photo editor that meets the needs of professional photographers as it has all the advanced options available that a professional photographer looks for. It uses advanced Fractal techniques to enlarge the photos; however, it's not open source. You will need to pay a small amount to get its subscription. It is user-friendly, and you don't require advanced editing skills. Many tutorials are available online to use it.

How to Use Photo Enlarger Software on PC?

Photo enlarger software design is not complicated, but they are user-friendly and don't take much of your time to enlarge the photos. First, install the software on your laptop or PC, then follow these simple steps.

Add The File After Installing

Once you are done with installing the photo enlarger software, please right-click on the icon of the program to open it. Then, click" Add File" to open the image you want to retouch. After uploading the photo, set the size and aspect. If you have to resize many images, use batch mode to upload all the photos simultaneously, saving your precious time.

Open The Tools Menu

On the top left, you can see a menu bar with options like edit, view, help, e.t.c. Right-clicking on the Tools, you will get a list of available smart tools; you can remove an unwanted object from the picture or use a concealer brush for portraits. Use The Resize Option. The list of innovative tools also has the Resize option. When you right-click on the resize, a dialogue box will open, allowing you to set the size of the image. For example, you can change a 500*500 photo to 1000*1000. Photo Retoucher will enable you to enlarge the photo.

Make The Adjustment If Needed

Enlarge photo software is not only limited to resizing the photos but also allows you to add effects and enhance brightness and saturation. You can also crop your photos if needed.

Click Resize

Once you are all done with all the settings to have custom design photos, click on the resize button. It will convert the old image to a new subject to all custom settings.


How can I enlarge the images without losing quality online? Yes! Many software is available online for free to enlarge the images without losing their qualities. Upscalepics, On1Reszie,, Befunky, and GIMP are some of them.

Can you enlarge a printed photo?

Yes! It is possible to enlarge old photos using a scanner. It will enhance the quality of images, and you can also print out large photos without losing their quality.

How can I enhance a blurry picture?

You can enhance the quality of a picture by increasing its resolution and pixels in Photoshop. This excellent software has the Smart Sharpen tool to make blurry pictures visible by improving their quality. However, you can also do this on your android mobile using its default photo app without turning on a PC or laptop.

Is AI image enlarger safe to use?

Yes! There is no need to worry while using an AI image enlarger, as it's safe and free. It will provide you with a maximum number of advanced options to extend the quality of your photos within minutes.

How can we reduce the size of the image?

Reducing or compressing the size of the photos is not rocket science; it's as simple as you think. Firstly, select the picture you want to compress, right-click on the picture tools format tab, and then select the Compress Pictures option. After this, click OK! Now, you can give a name to the picture and save it for use in any particular document or something else.


Image Enlarger tools allow you to edit the picture's length and width according to your desire. Many photo editors are accessible online and provide several advanced options to resize and enhance the quality of photos. Using these fantastic convertzen tools, you can enlarge many images simultaneously, saving precious time and money. You can also enlarge old photos using a scanner at home.

Photoshop is a fantastic tool used by millions of people around the globe, especially graphic designers and professional photographers; use it to convert the size of pictures. AI image enlargers are also available on the internet, which are free and safe. GIMP, IrfanView, Photo Retoucher, and ON1 Resize are well-known photo editors that give you the best experience. All these software are easy to use and don't require additional editing skills to edit photos.