Javascript DeObfuscator

Javascript deobfuscator is an online tool to remove js obfuscation and bring back the obfuscated source code into readable form.

Is it tough to trust any online tool when it comes to keeping your data safe or deobfuscating scripts for recreation purposes? These tools can access your information or use it as a product and sell it to third-party applications. Therefore, choose a reliable tool like the javascript deobfuscator of Also, the efficient algorithm of this tool lets you enjoy 100% accuracy every time. 

What Is Javascript Deobfuscator?

This is an online tool that allows you to remove js obfuscation techniques and bring back the obfuscated source code into readable form. If you are a software developer, then this tool is for you. Also, you can use this tool to find vulnerabilities in any software. This security tool successfully decodes the code and helps you to detect any unsafe inclusion from a hacker in any software code. 


While cleaning, unpacking, or rewriting the code, software developers use this tool. Also, it plays a vital role when it comes to reverse-engineer code, investigation, or code analysis. There are hundreds of available tools on the internet; however, our tool stands out because of its user-friendly interface. Try our tool to do quick deobfuscation. 

How Does Obfuscation Work?

Obfuscation is a computer language that uses complex logic and is not a human-readable format. Developers use this to distract readers with the help of syntax, as it is crucial to ensure that no one can read it and copy its meaning. Also, the purpose of using Obfuscation is to make the antivirus tool a fool. Moreover, it makes reverse engineering source code difficult to read, which is vital for code safety. 

However, sometimes you have to make it readable, and it is possible with the help of Deobfuscation. Whether you want to do this for reverse engineering, investigation, or analysis, you can choose our tool for the best outcome. You can easily copy the Deobfuscated code for further use.  

How to Detect Obfuscated Scripts?

Javascript obfuscators use techniques that replace the original functions and variables with identical-looking functions and variables. This method makes it tough to identify the one needing deobfuscation. There are a few tricks that you can use to find an obfuscated script. 

Structure Analysis

Analyze the script, as there are a few common obfuscation patterns; look for them. These patterns include loops, global variables, and functions; you can easily find them with a minor focus. For example, it will replace the `alert()` with codes. These codes are formed by adding multiple variables into the global scope. Once you understand these patterns, you can conveniently recognize the obfuscated scripts. 

Functional Analysis

This is similar to the previous analysis, but the difference is that here you should focus on the performance to detect obfuscation. To find it, look for the following behaviors:

  • Non-standard functions
  • Adding loops
  • Use a mixture of obfuscation 
  • Standard code 

If you are not familiar with these terms, here are some examples for a better understanding

  • Loop

The common loops include `while` and `for.` 

while (var_a) {


var_b = true;




for (var_c in var_d) {


var_e[var_c] = true;




for (var_f in []) {


if (var_g) {


var_h = false;







  • Functionality 

Here look for any change in code behavior, which strongly depends on variables. The following script shows common behavior: 

function func_1 () {


var_a = 10;


var_b = 20;


var_c = 30;




function func_2 () {


for (var_a in []) {


var_b = 50;








And this is not a very common behavior:


function func_3 () {


var_a = 10;


while (var_a) {


var_b = 20;







  • Global Variables

Here it would be best if you looked for codes similar to this: = 'name';

Features of Javascript Deobfuscator

1. User-Friendly Interface

Often beginners find it tough to do deobfuscation even with a tool. But in our tool, you get a straightforward interface without any settings or additional options. Just add the code in the given box, giving you a quick answer. Due to this feature, developers with any expertise level can use it conveniently. Choose it to make your life easy. 

2. Quick Deobfuscation 

As I mentioned, you don't have to do any settings; just copy and paste, and you will get the answer. Moreover, our algorithm is fast enough to show the deobfuscated script in seconds. Therefore, while dealing with our javascript deobfuscator, you don't have to wait for long. 

3. Let You Copy the Result 

When you get the code, you can easily copy it from the box. You don't have to select the whole code and then click ctrl+c. You get the copy icon on the top right of the box; just click on it to copy the text. This feature makes the process fast and efficient. 

4. Free of Cost 

Even with multiple features, it is entirely free to use. You can deobfuscate the script without paying any charges. Just visit the tool page and utilize it according to your needs. 

5. Error-Free

Our algorithm is 100% accurate, and there is no chance of any error. No matter how often you use this tool, we ensure the correct javascript deobfuscation every time. Use this tool without any worries or doubts. The tool is safe for all tasks and will give you efficient output every time. 

What Are the Benefits of Javascript Deobfuscator?

1. Saves Money 

For javascript deobfuscation, there are so many paid tools that ask for money. Our tool has all these features and lets you use it for free. You don't have to pay for any changes. Also, you can use it without any limitations. This feature saves a lot of your money that you can use to do other tasks. 

2. Code Identification 

It is pretty challenging to identify the obfuscated script manually. However, when you use this tool, the only thing you have to do is copy and paste. Our tool will take a few seconds and tell you whether the script is obfuscated. It wasn't obfuscated if you get the same code in the answer. In contrast, if you get a more readable form, it is obfuscated. 

3. Keep Your Computer Secure

Any software code may have some malware from hackers; therefore, checking it beforehand keeps you away from viruses or hackers. Hackers use the obfuscation technique to cover things, and here a javascript deobfuscator helps you to uncover them. Always use this tool to make sure that your data is safe. 

How to Use a Javascript Deobfuscator? 

This is an easy-to-use tool, and you can easily use it by following these steps:

  • Go to the top of the page to get your hands on our Javascript Deobfuscator.
  • Copy the obfuscated code and paste it into the given box. 
  • Click on Deobfuscate and wait for a few seconds. 
  • In the bottom box, you will get your deobfuscated code.
  • Please tap on the copy icon, located at the top right corner of the box, and it's done. 

After this, you can use that code for any of your tasks, either you want to do reverse engineering or any investigation, you are good to go. Our tool is suitable for any of your work; choose it to do your software development tasks quickly and efficiently. 


Can I use Javascript DeObfuscator on my projects?

Whether you are looking for a Javascript DeObfuscator for personal or commercial use, you can pick our tool. Also, to experience all of its unique features, you don't have to pay any charges. Furthermore, where there is no need for logins, just visit the tool page and get a DeObfuscated code instantly. 

Is Javascript DeObfuscator safe?

Yes, this tool is 100% safe and malware-free. We don't ask for personal information when you use this tool. Also, you can remove the code, and we don't save any of your data. Moreover, we never share our visitors' data with third-party apps. All these reasons make our Javascript DeObfuscator a safe option. 

What kind of performance can I expect from this tool?

When you use this tool, it will take a few seconds to load. Also, as it makes the code readable, you don't have to spend time understanding its functionality or recognizing any malware in the code. Try our tool to get a premium deobfuscation experience. 

Can you reverse obfuscation?

Yes, you can do this process by using our easy-to-use javascript deobfuscator. You have to paste the obfuscated code and click on the deobfuscation button. It will do reverse obfuscation for you in seconds. Try our tool to make tasks easy or to stay on the safer side while dealing with internet sources.  

The Bottom Line

Deobfuscation is a crucial task to perform in software development. Also, you have to do this if you want to investigate a script or want to do reverse engineering. Even before the recreation of a code, you have to do deobfuscation. For this, you can use our user-friendly javascript deobfuscator. While dealing with it, you don't have to make any complex adjustments, as to use this tool, you just have to do a single click.

Irrespective of your experience in software development, you can use this tool without assistance. Its simple interface lets everyone enjoy its benefits without any help. Moreover, our tool is free-of-cost, saving you money, and highly efficient in saving time. Choose our amazingly designed javascript deobfuscator to enjoy error-free deobfuscation