Get to know "JSON to TSV" to convert the data stored in JSON format into a TSV file successfully in just a few steps.

Many times we need to store or transfer data from one device to another or some website. This is when we can use JSON or TSV. Storing and managing data was never this easy. Without these tools, data formatting is very hard in this changing world of technology. If you are interested in learning more about JSON, TSV, and conversion of JSON data to TSV then this article is for you. Also, we have arranged TSV To JSON for the best results you can easily work on both.


Converting any data from JSON to TSV is very easy. You can convert JSON format data into TSV in just a few steps. But before we jump into the discussion of converting JSON to TSV let’s briefly discuss what is JSON and TSV separately to give you an idea about these data management tools.

What Is JSON?


JSON was indeed introduced much after the invention of the computer. Before 2000 XML was the only data exchange tool then JSON took its place and is being used to date. The JSON is a data format tool mainly used to store or transport data from a server to a website or vice versa. It allows you to change human-readable data into its language. It is usually based on numbers, strings, objects, an array, a boolean, null, etc.

The purpose of using JSON is to arrange data structurally and then exchange this structured data over any networking site. It is self-describing and not even hard to understand. In simple words, we can say it is a kind of bridge that is responsible for interchanging electronic data between clients and servers.

What Is TSV?

TSV is also a data-storing file and is an abbreviation of tab-separated values. The text format TSV uses is tabularizing and you store your data in tabular form. Moreover, you can exchange data between different databases in the form of TSV files. You don’t need to struggle and switch between applications to read a TSV file as it is supported by many applications. The simplest and most convenient way is using Microsoft Excel to read a TSV file. Other than this you can open it using OpenOffice Calc. Google Sheets has made viewing, editing, saving, and converting TSV files super easy.

Converting JSON File To TSV

Do you have some data of yours stored in JSON format and want to convert it to a TSV file? It is not very hard and can be done in just a few minutes by following simple steps. Furthermore, you can even use tools like JSON to TSV converter. You can easily access these if you have an internet connection. All you need to do is type JSON to TSV converter and you will get many links on your screen, select any one of them and proceed with your task of converting JSON files to TSV.

Working Methodology of JSON To TSV Converter

These file converter tools read data in one form and convert it into another form as an output. So if you are using a JSON to TSV converter, always keep in mind to put your input in JSON form to get a TSV file as an output. As I have discussed earlier while storing data in JSON you get many options for key-value pairs e-g numbers, boolean, null, array, etc. but these are capable of recognizing two different forms of input JSON formats. It can either be an array of array format or an array of associative objects. Here’s what you will get in the output according to the input JSON format.

  • If you are using the first input format then you will get a row in the TSV file for each array of JSON data. Furthermore, if the input data includes some elements then it will appear as columns in TSV.
  • If your input is according to the second JSON input format then you will get a row as an output for each object in the input and a column for a key value in the input.

How To Use JSON To TSV Tool

I have explained earlier how this tool converts JSON files to TSV files to make reading and understanding the data easier for you. It might seem a little tricky but it is a very easy tool that converts the data into a readable form. Follow these steps and you will convert your JSON to TSV in minutes:

  • Copy or import JSON data file from your device.
  • Paste it in the blank box on the left side of JSON to the TSV tool.
  • Press the JSON to TSV toggle button to convert the file.
  • After pressing the button wait for a few minutes to get your hands on your TSV file.
  • You will get the results in the right box.

Ways of converting a JSON to TSV

  • You can even use a URL for your JSON data to upload it on the tool which will convert it to TSV. For uploading a JSON URL you need to use a URL option and submit the link.
  • You can also upload a JSON file from the device if it is convenient for you.
  • As many browsers support JSON to TSV online too e-g Firefox, Chrome, Windows, MAC, Safari, Edge, and Linux. You can use any of them to convert your JSON data to a TSV file.

Converting JSON files to TSV has become so easy, all thanks to innovative tools. No doubt, both JSON and TSV are excellent for storing and exchanging data but they do have limitations too. When one fails to entertain you can switch to the other one to store and exchange data successfully.


Can I open a JSON file in Excel?

Yes, you can open a JSON file in Excel. Search for the data tab in the Excel Workbook then from files select the JSON file you need to open. That’s all in just a click you will be able to open a JSON file in Excel.

How do I read a JSON file?

Many tools are available and used to read a JSON file. These include Notepad, Microsoft Notepad, Microsoft WordPad, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

How do I convert multiple JSON files to Excel?

It is not difficult to convert multiple JSON files to Excel. All you need to do is select the data columns you want to keep and remove all other columns. To convert it into an Excel worksheet select home then close and load. All the data you selected from multiple files will be uploaded into a worksheet in just a few minutes.

How can I read JSON files online?

There are many tools available online that you can use to view your JSON files. One such tool is JSON Viewer. It helps you view a file, analyze the JSON data in it, and you can format data using this online tool as well. To view your JSON file just paste your JSON file on the online tool.

What is TSV in output format?

The TSV file format is based on values that are separated by a simple tab. Unlike other tools that include symbols, numbers, keys, etc. TSV stores and exchanges data in tabular form only.

What program opens TSV files?

To open a TSV file you can use Excel.

What is a TSV file?

TSV file is a type of data storing and managing file which primarily uses tables to store the data. Each next value is separated from the previous one by tabs.


It's a fact that both JSON and TSV are excellent ways of storing and formatting data.  You can choose any one of these to store, transfer, and exchange data between two ends. Although both use different data formats to store data, the data is super human-friendly and understandable. Sometimes you need to convert JSON data to TSV which will allow you to

  • Store the same data in tabular form
  • Transfer data from the JSON file
  • Exchange data between client and server

You can convert your JSON file data to a TSV file if the latter is not fulfilling the purpose properly. Sometimes while exchanging data we come across a point where the JSON data format doesn’t benefit us at all. This is when you can change the format of the same stored data into TSV. I hope you find the content of our article. Thank you for reading.