JSON Viewer

A detailed article on JSON Viewer is given so you can have an idea about how it formats the data into a reader-friendly format.

JSON Viewer is a data exchange format that helps to convert difficult data structures into simpler forms that can be read and understood by most people. This exchange format is widely used by web designers, IT developers, and programmers as they have to decode and provide information to their clients. I have written a detailed article on JSON Viewer below to end all the confusion about this platform.

This exchange platform is efficient and hardly takes a few seconds to process the data into a simple form. All the details including the difference between the JSON Viewer and JSON Beautifier are also mentioned to clear all the confusion. The JSON files can be converted into PDF and can be opened with Excel or Google Chrome. Read the article carefully to know all the details about JSON Viewer and how it works for programmers and common people.

JSON Viewer

What Can A JSON Viewer do?

JSON viewer is a data exchange format that helps users to understand difficult programming languages. This is widely being used by all data managers, programmers, and web designers to change the coding language into a simple language for everyone’s convenience. The full form of JSON is JavaScript Object Notation which might not be known by many people. It is frequently used by IT professionals and developers for transferring all the required data in a simple and understandable format.

This data exchange format grabbed people’s attention when it could transfer all the structures into a readable form for the common people. It is efficient when it comes to processing the data structures and generating results that are easy to understand for common people like you and me. Different data types are present in JSON and are organized too. When compared with other data formats, this is easy to understand for both, machines and human beings.

When compared with other data exchange formats, the JSON or the JavaScript Object Notation is lightweight. This means that it takes less processing time and all the data is arranged in a serialized manner. The programmers use JSON for the API code programming because of its fast processing speed and text-based format. All the data that is formatted by JSON represents the scalar data and arrays.

How To Open a JSON File Online?

The JSON file can be opened online easily by following a few steps only. This saves a lot of your time and effort as you won’t have to download JSON. I am writing the steps down below so you can know more about JavaScript Object Nomination.

  • The first step for sure is to open the JSON viewer onto your phone, Windows computer/laptop, or devices using IOS software. The link for the JSON tool is easily available on the internet. You do not need to download the JSON Viewer on your devices to change the format of the data structures.
  • After the JSON viewer website opens up on any of your devices, you should click on the Load Data option. As soon as you click this option, a new operation window pops up on your screen.
  • Now you have to upload or paste the file along with its URL to get the desired output. This will help you change the format of the data very quickly.  
  • After uploading the file on the pop-up window, you can now read all the data provided after the format has been changed.

Hence you can view the file on the text visualizer after it has been efficiently processed by the JSON. The format of the data is changed which is why it can be broken down as a tree structure for your understanding. All the complex data structures are formatted into the tree viewer for your ease. However, the structure of the data has been changed after formatting, the meaning remains the same throughout the process.

What Is A JSON Beautifier?

When you upload the file on the JSON Viewer online, you get a tree structure as a result. The data is formatted and changed into a readable form. Some people like to format or beautify the data to make it look more neat and pretty appearance-wise. The JSON Beautifier is widely used by programmers and IT developers before sending the JSON files to clients. This gives a very neat look to the file which is what the client wants.

The JSON Beautifier is a tool that can be used on the codes or an existing file to make it look clean and pretty. This shows the expertise of the developer or the programmer who is handling the data for the clients. Once you have written or uploaded the file on the empty space on the JSON Beautifier, you can change the data from the tree mode to the coding mode for beautifying it.

The beautifier tool can automatically select the frame and edit the text according to the file that has been uploaded. This tool works differently on the codes and the already existing files that you upload on the window. You might observe that after undergoing the beautifying tool, the data or the file looks more representable and neat than it was before.

What Is The Difference Between A JSON Beautifier And JSON Viewer?

The basic function of both the JSON tools has been discussed above briefly. One of the major differences between the JSON Beautifier and the JSON Viewer is that the beautifying tool is used to make the data look pretty and presentable. You can enter the code at a blank window that is present on the JSON website. An already existing file can also be beautified by using this tool. You can press the process button and the tool will automatically format and change the data.

The code might be changed from the tree structure to look neat and clean. This tool automatically selects the frames for the data which is liked by most of the clients. Whereas, a JSON Viewer only formats and changes the data into a reader-friendly form. The data is changed in such a way that everyone can understand and read it. This is widely used by programmers who work for people to decode data structures.

Hence, the data structures are readable after being processed by JSON Viewer. The data or the file looks presentable and neat after the beautifying tool is used. This is the major difference between both JSON tools. The data is processed within a few minutes which is why both of these tools are liked and appreciated by IT developers and programmers.


How can I view a JSON file?

The JSON files can be viewed on different platforms because they cannot be saved. The interchanging and formatting of the data are continuously done between the computer systems because of which the JSON files cannot be saved. However, you can save the JSON files by making bookmarks in the system so you can easily access them next time. Manual backups can be made that will help you share the JSON files with other people as well. These became popular because they could process the data quickly and make it look neat and tidy.

How do I view JSON files in Chrome?

As I mentioned above, the JSON files can only be saved manually as bookmarks to make use of them later. You can view them with the help of Google Chrome very easily. First of all, you can open a browser directly from the toolbar on your computer. You can find the JSON View extension for Chrome and add it to the system. Allow the computer to add the extension and enable it.

Now you can use the JSON View extension on Google Chrome and save all the files along with the URL. The next time when you want to view your JSON files, you can simply open the files and make some changes before sharing them with other people. This feature is very useful for IT developers who have to share files after formatting them.

How do I convert a JSON file to readable?

You have to change the format of the JSON file to convert it to readable. The data structures have to be changed so the information becomes reader-friendly. As you all know, JSON View is a data formatting platform so you can use this for displaying the complex data structures in the tree view for a better understanding of the readers.

How do I open JSON files in PDF?

A JSON file can be opened in PDF form very easily. You have to open the JSON file like you are reading it. After the file opens, click on the print button. This will help you convert the file into a PDF rather than printing it. Now the JSON file is converted into PDF form and you can open it on your computer system as well. Hence the file is converted to PDF form after a few steps.

Can you convert a JSON file into a PDF?

To convert the JSON file into a PDF, you have to choose the JSON file for conversion. You have to select the file along with its URL from the system or your Google Drive. After selecting the file, choose the format of the file you want it to get. Click on the “PDF” and press the “Convert now” option from the dropdown menu. The JSON file is now converted into a PDF by following these steps.

How do I view a JSON file in excel?

You can view a JSON file in Excel but all the versions might not support it. The newer versions will definitely support and the process is extremely straightforward. You have to open an excel sheet and select the data. After choosing the data from the file, click on “Get Data” and open the JSON file from the import dialogue box. You can now view the JSON file in your excel sheet. The changes can be made and the file can be saved for later use as well.

How do I view a JSON file in NotePad ++?

You can easily view a JSON file in NotePad ++ after you have added the JSON View extension in your Chrome. Click on the “Open With” option and select NotePad ++ from the drop-down menu. In this way, you can open and view an already existing JSON file in your NotePad ++. The changes can be made or the format can be changed and you can save the file back.

How do I convert JSON to excel?

Microsoft Excel is a great tool that helps you in processing data. You can convert a JSON file into your Excel. Select the “Data” option from the toolbar that is present above. Open the JSON file that is saved and copy the data that you want to convert to Excel. After copying the data, paste it on the sheet, and you are done with the process of conversion.


A detailed article on JSON Viewer is given above so you can have an idea about how it formats the data into a reader-friendly format. This data exchange platform is widely used by professionals such as IT developers or programmers for decoding and breaking difficult codes into smaller readable files. The JSON file can be converted into an excel sheet or a PDF form, depending upon your preference. I hope this article has all the information about the JSON View and how it helps everyone, especially the people dealing with these platforms.