Password Generator

Passwords are keys to your digital world and are always prone to cyber-crimes. According to recent cybercrime reports, 80% of digital crimes happen because of weak and similar passwords. Therefore, to keep you away from any such threats, here, we have the best password generator with all amazing features. If you are worried about how to make a strong password or habitual of using the same old password every time, try this helpful tool to make your life easy and secure.

Password Generator and Its Benefits

A password generator is an online free tool that creates strong passwords for your digital accounts, according to your instructions. In this tool, you can choose the number of characters, and use numbers and symbols. Using a password generator can be the best decision you have ever made. Here are some of the major advantages of a password generator.

  • Time-Saving

Suppose you have to generate multiple passwords in a day. In that case, coming up with a unique combination manually every time is almost impossible. Also, it takes time even to get a single strong passcode. However, it takes less than a minute to generate an ideal password combination when you use our user-friendly password generator.

  • Unlimited Retakes

With this tool, you can generate unlimited password combinations without any specific limit. No matter how many passwords you need, you are free to use this tool for an indefinite time.

  • Provide Strongest Passwords

A strong password is a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. With this tool, you get a unique blend of all, which means every password 100% fulfills the requirements of an unbreakable password.

  • Customization

With this tool, you can choose the complexity level of your password. It's on you to decide the number of characters in the password or whether you want to use numbers and symbols in it or not.

What Makes a Password Strong?

Three factors determine the strength of your password. If you add all these qualities to your password, there is no doubt that your data is safe from data preaching.

  • Long

For a strong password, the ideal length is ten characters. A long password can be the biggest hurdle if someone tries to hack your account to access personal data.

  • Complex

Hacking an account with a simple password combination is easy, especially with typical characters like 123456 or abcdefg. Avoid this habit and create a mixture of higher and lower case letters with numbers and symbols.

  • Unique

Make sure to use a unique password for each account, as using the same password can give access to your complete data in a single go. If someone sneaks into your account, using a unique password limits the damage to that specific account data. If you are worried and not skillful enough to create a strong password for yourself or tired of creating unique passwords every time, try our password generator. It will take no time to generate a solid and unbreakable password.

What Makes a Password Weak?

Do you want to find out how weak your password is? Look for the following factors in your password:

  • Use of things like birthdays, family persons' names, and username.
  • Simple dictionary words with correct spelling.
  • Variants of the same password.
  • Simple word combinations like XYZ, 12345, etc.

Suppose you have anything from these points in your password. In that case, it's time to use this fantastic password generator to avoid privacy issues.

How to Use Password Generator?

With this user-friendly tool, you don't have to do much to get the best password. Follow these simple guidelines:

  • Go to the top of the page to get your hands on our password generator.
  • Now add your requirements. Here you can choose four things, i.e., password length, upper case or lower case alphabet, use of numbers, and use of symbols.
  • Lastly, press on generate password, and you get the best combination with all qualities of a strong password.

Best Ways to Save Passwords

Are you using the same passwords because you cannot memorize unique passwords? No worries, as there are multiple ways to keep your password safe, and you can access them anytime.

  • Browser's Password Manager

This is the most preferred and used option nowadays as you can use it anywhere. When you enter any password in your browser after generating it from our tool, it asks you to keep it in your password manager. You can allow it and access it later after entering the google password.

  • Password-Saving Software

Forgetting passwords is normal because now everything needs security and asks for passwords. There are so many password-saving tools available on the internet. You can set them on your mobile or your system, and they will keep a record of your passwords.

Need for a Password Generator

To ensure the safety of your digital life, it is crucial to choose a distinctive and potent password for each account setup. Here, using our password generator can be a game changer for you as it takes no time and creates unbreakable character combinations. Try it now to save time and keep your data away from criminals.