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Which is the best format for an image PNG or JPG? This is a tricky question and most people do not know about the difference between PNG and JPG. Well, both of these formats provide the same job. But it does not mean they are the same. Between 1977 and 1978 two young Israeli developers published an article regarding the latest category of lossless data comparison algorithms. This was the beginning of the PNG format. Later this format evolved with the passage of time and now it is one of the most advanced picture formats.

On the other hand, JPG was invented in 1992 by the International Organization for Standardization. JPG was created for keeping the graphic files small. Maybe you find it odd but at that time memory was a major problem for graphic users. Anyhow, I have more interesting information about the PNG and JPEG formats, let’s start exploring which is the best format.


Before you click on the convert button you must know the difference between PNG and JPG. Because both of these formats are used for different purposes. Maybe you did not observe closely the color, transparency, and weightage dissimilarities but now you can understand all the major features of PNG and JPG.

What Is A PNG File?

The Portable Network Graphics format file is an advanced picture format that was developed for replacing the GIF format. It is compressible, so you can decrease the size of the file without losing the quality. The PNG provides a transparent background such as vectors and semi-transparent background features.

Furthermore, PNG’s color spectrum can cover nearly 16 million hues. Yes, this is more than a GIF file format. You can create vectors, logos, illustrations, charts, or stickers. The PNG format takes more space because it provides high-quality pictures with perfect color combination results.

PNG is one of the best file formats but it is not suitable for printing pictures. The format is used for digital pictures but when it comes to printing, PNG does not provide desired results. If you are struggling to print a PNG file format picture and are unable to get the best results, then you should change the format of the file. Because PNG does not support CMYK color models.

What Is A JPEG File?

Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) is a commonly used format. This compressible format also offers 16 million colors on the color spectrum. But the JPG files take less space as compared to the PNG format files. These format files offer high compatibility and could be used for universal applications.

JPG format is also used by many photographers and website users because of its small size and fast load. The image is loaded pixel by pixel so it does not leave any impairment. You can send a JPG format file via email quickly and effortlessly without waiting for long upload completion.

The problem with this format is that when you compress the file, it loses its quality. As well as, there is no transparent or semi-transparent background. This is the main difference between JPG and PNG. But choosing the best image format depends on its use.


The main difference between PNG vs JPG the image loses its quality. For decades people have been comparing these two formats in order to get the best one out of them. PNG and JPG are not rivals of one another but also a card with two faces. PNG is developed for high-quality images and also provides a compressibility feature. On the other hand, JPG is designed to shorten the weightage of images. But when you compress the JPG, the image loses its quality as compared to the PNG. PNG does not lose quality after compression and provides you best results.

In addition, the PNG provides transparent and semi-transparent background images. You can create logos, vectors, or charts and remove the background. But JPG is unable to deliver a transparent or semi-transparent background. You cannot create non-rectangular logos and graphic texts.

JPG is widely used by photographers and other people because the file does not contain much space. So, you can create more pictures. The smaller size of the JPG format allows people to share files quickly and easily. As well as, these files load fast as compared to the PNG. Moreover, the JPEG files are viewable and editable in all aspects.

But when it comes to the PNG weightage, you can face some problems. Such format pictures contain more space. They are also not good at printing and long duration loading time irritates the users. The files are two or three times larger as compared to the JPEG file format. PNG format is used for creating logos. The transparency feature allows you to add the different backgrounds behind the logos or vectors. Anyhow, PNG is good for the digital interface. You can use PNG images for websites, and YouTube thumbnails and can create a visual chart for a zoom meeting.

Which Is Better For A Website?

JPG provides short weightage and is widely used for printing. The JPG images are compressible and highly compatible. Moreover, these images load fast and are easy to send via email. Anyhow, if you are a website owner who is looking for the best file format, you must know that a fast image load is very important. Otherwise, people leave your website as a result you face a downfall in your web ranking.

You can apply different applications to the JPG format file. You can edit the file and make it more attractive. But the JPG files are not good for removable backgrounds. In contrast, PNG format files provide high-quality images. These images are lossless if you compress them and you can create a transparent background image. This is why PNG is widely used for creating logos. The PNG also enables you to create graphics featuring texts.

If you want to upload a non-transparent background image with less weightage then you should use a JPG format image. But for the best visual image results, you must go for the PNG file format. Because PNG is designed for digital images. It provides you with perfect visual images. Anyhow, you can use both of these or one of them, it is up to you.


Is JPG better or PNG better?

PNG provides high quality and background transparency as compared to JPG. The PNG file format also has a lossless quality feature while compressing. But the JPG files look lossy after compression.

Is jpg more quality than PNG?

PNG file format delivers more quality than JPEG. But the PNG file format is used for the visual images. If you print the file, it looks different.

What are the disadvantages of a PNG?

PNG files are large in weightage and contain more space. These files are only good in virtual mode, when you take a print, the image loses some colors.

Is PNG high resolution?

Yes, PNG is a high-resolution file format. It provides you with the best colors and high resolution.


Now you can easily decide which is the best format according to your use. If you are wishing to upload fewer weightage images you should go for JPG format. The JPG format is no less than PNG, it just has different features such as fast image load, high compatibility, and full-color spectrum. On the other hand, PNG is for high-resolution images, it has a removable background feature and lossless compression.