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QR codes stand for Quick Response Codes which is a square-shaped white and black symbols that can be scanned with a laser or smartphone in order to encode information like website links, numbers, text, event details, coupons, etc. Most of the time, these QR codes are not in a perfect square shape. However, they have unique colors, logos, and patterns displayed inside. The users will also find them in non-digital spaces like billboards, direct mail, and TV shows where they can easily scan the codes using mobile phones. While talking about the QR code generator is online software that allows you to create your own QR code by inserting the desired information and downloading them in various formats like SVG, PNG, EPS, and JPG. Generating a QR code involves simple and easy steps that could be in the form of images, videos, links, or numbers. Moreover, the users can create various QR codes like image QR codes, Text QR codes, Website QR codes, etc. There are various categories of QR codes available for users to choose from.

Types Of QR Code Generator

Basic QR Code Generator

Basic QR code generator is one that allows the users to create Static QR codes that consist of simple content like URLs or texts, encoded in these QR codes. The best thing about this QR code generator is that it is non-trackable and permanent which means that once the code is created, it cannot be edited or changed. Furthermore, the scanning activities of these QR codes cannot be tracked and have limited functionalities.

Advance QR Code Generator

Most marketers opt for the advanced QR code generator due to its many functional and beneficial features. With the help of this QR code generator, the user can create dynamic QR codes. Unlike static QR codes, the dynamic ones are both trackable and editable. Furthermore, the tracking feature of this dynamic code can be scanned according to various parameters. With the help of these QR codes, the user can gain valuable insights to know the reaction of the audience to the encoded content. Moreover, with the help of advanced QR code generators, the users can also customize and design their QR codes by adding logos and colors. With the help of this feature, you can attract customers to scan the code. According to the research, these customized and designed QR codes attract 200% of customers as compared to the white and black ones. Another noteworthy feature of this QR code generator is that it protects the password and keeps the information confidential.

How To Create A QR Code?

You can create the QR code by following simple and easy steps. Search for QR-code-generator.com. After that enter the URL and then design and customize the color, logos, frames, and shapes of your related QR code. After that click the download option and save the file to your PC. After saving the file, add the QR code for printing the collateral. Furthermore, regardless of the device, you are using, the creation of a QR code is pretty easy and straightforward.

Creating QR Code On Android

The users can create the QR code easily on android devices with the help of the Chrome Application. Moreover, the users can also make the QR codes for various URLs. However, chrome is considered to be one of the useful and handy tools to share various blog posts and product pages with the target audience. Simply download google chrome from the google play store and search for the URL that is to be shared. After that click, the three vertical dots present at the top of the toolbar and select the share option. On the pop-up, click the QR code and select the download option. In the end, hold your smartphone in order to scan the QR code.

How To Select A QR Code Generator?

Opting for the best QR Code generator among numerous options is a difficult job. By simply searching on Google, you can find a list of QR Code generators but you have to select the best one according to the requirements. One of the easiest options to select the better option QR code generator is by comparing them using the detailed comparison chart. Here you can go through a comparative analysis. Furthermore, in case of finding a large number of QR codes, you will need to QR code SDK service and QR code API. The basic function of these is to generate a large volume of QR codes at one time or even generate QR codes integrated with the information system. Therefore, by using these effective methods, you can easily select one or numerous QR code generators according to the requirements and needs.


Can you generate QR codes for free?

You can easily generate QR codes for free by using QRCode Monkey. This is one of the most popular online QR code generators, generating QR codes of higher resolution and powerful designs. Therefore, it is one of the best options to generate high-end and best QR codes on the web and use them for printing or commercial purposes.

Is Google QR code generator free?

Google makes use of Chrome applications for generating QR codes. This application is free and can generate millions of QR codes for the current web page with just a single click.

Are QR code generators safe?

QR code generators are a reliable and secure technology. There is no risk involved in QR code generators as one of the best and safest features is password protection. You can create the QR codes easily and securely.

Are Google QR codes permanent?

One of the types of QR codes is the Static QR code. These QR codes are permanent and the information in these codes cannot be changed or edited. Apart from this, the scanning activities of static QR codes cannot be tracked.

Does Microsoft have a QR code generator?

Windows 10 has the best QR code generator as it's fast, lightweight, and simple to use. Furthermore, the users can even design and customize the size, color, and frame of the QR code according to the requirements. The best thing is that you can create many QR codes for free URLs, text, email, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.


QR code is represented by a symbol with black and white color, consisting of various types of information. This square-shaped QR code can be scanned with the help of smartphones or lasers. Moreover, different shapes of QR codes are available other than square shapes. The QR code generator is a type of software that allows users to create online QR codes of various shapes, colors, frames, and patterns by integrating the desired information and downloading it in various formats. The QR code generators are available in two different types. One is the Basic QR code generator and the other one is the Advance QR code generator. Many marketers use the advanced QR code generator due to its many beneficial features. With the help of this QR code generator, the users can design, customize, and insert the related information by securing it with the help of a password protection feature. Furthermore, you can create the QR code simply with the help of the Chrome application with just a single click.