YouTube Thumbnail Downloader

The following guide contains information about YouTube thumbnails and the best YouTube thumbnail downloader.

Are you a YouTuber and looking for the best youtube thumbnail downloader? Well, this article can help you in various ways. The following guide contains detailed information about downloading a thumbnail and the best thumbnail downloader. Though downloading a YouTube thumbnail seems easy, it is a complicated job.

You must know that thumbnails play a prominent role in the success of your YouTube video. Low-quality thumbnails will lead to less viewership, while high-quality thumbnails gain more viewership. A YouTube thumbnail can help you in many ways because you can make a collage of thumbnails for your videos or merge a variety of thumbnails to create your channel’s profile picture. The following are the details about a YouTube thumbnail and the Best Youtube thumbnail downloader.

Best YouTube Thumbnail Downloader

YouTube Thumbnail

If you are a beginner in blogging or vlogging, you need to know about a thumbnail. A thumbnail represents the content in your blog or video. If your blog is about a product, you need to put a related thumbnail about the product in your blog. The same is the case with YouTube. A thumbnail plays a prominent role in YouTube videos because it represents your content in a picture.

Furthermore, it increases the viewership of your content. It is directly related to the success of your video. The high-quality thumbnail means more viewership, while the low-quality thumbnail means less viewership. You might know one can download a thumbnail from various online sites or customize their thumbnails from online thumbnail makers. The most common and convenient method is downloading a thumbnail from YouTube.


Although many people find YouTube thumbnails unnecessary, they have a lot of significance. You can consider a thumbnail as a quick summary of your video. A creative thumbnail attracts more people to your content. More viewership leads to great success and earnings for a content creator. A thumbnail is necessary for YouTube because most people open videos, having creative and attractive thumbnails with accurate information. In short, YouTube thumbnails have a lot of significance in making content successful.

What Is YouTube Thumbnail Downloader?

With time, science and social media are using various ways to facilitate people. There are a large number of online sites and apps that use advanced technologies to calculate different things. Downloading, editing, and content writing has been easy with these advanced technologies. A YouTube thumbnail downloader is one of the advanced technologies to facilitate bloggers in various ways.

It is an online platform that helps you download thumbnails from YouTube. Furthermore, it helps to add some customization to thumbnails. You can find various online sites offering online thumbnail downloading, but they might fail to provide high-quality performance. I recommend using CONVERTZEN for downloading a YouTube thumbnail because it is easy to use and less time-consuming. You need to copy the thumbnail from YouTube, paste it into the site, and choose the appropriate quality and size according to your requirements.

How To Use YouTube Thumbnail Downloader?

Copy The URL

The first and the significant step for downloading a thumbnail is to copy the URL. URL stands for Uniform Resource Locators. If you intend to copy a thumbnail from a YouTube video, you need to open the video and copy its URL from the browsing area. In the case of a mobile phone, you can click the share button to copy the URL.

Paste The URL On The Site

After copying the URL, the second step is to paste it on the YouTube thumbnail downloading site. You must open the thumbnail downloader and add the URL in the required field. Now click on the start option to initiate the process of downloading.

Choose The Required Size

Another significant step in downloading a thumbnail is to choose the required size. After you click the start option, you will see various options for the quality and size of your thumbnail. You must select the size of a thumbnail according to the quality of your video.

Download The Thumbnail

Once you select the quality and size of the image, you can proceed ahead and click the download button. The downloading process may take a few seconds, but the result will be worth the wait. After the downloading process ends, you can find the required thumbnail image on your computer. This thumbnail usually appears in “Downloads” on your computer. In some cases, the location of the resulting thumbnail may vary, depending on the device you are using.

Best YouTube Thumbnail Downloading Site


Are you looking for the best and most easy-to-use thumbnail downloader? Well, your search ends here because I present you with CONVERTZEN, a well-known youtube thumbnail downloading site. This site contains many online tools, such as text content tools, image editing tools, unit converting tools, online calculators, thumbnail downloading tools, and many more. It is one of the most convenient and less time-consuming YouTube thumbnail downloaders.

This site can be helpful for many beginners because it makes your job easy, unlike many other platforms. You need to copy the link to the YouTube video and paste it into the site. By clicking the start button, you will see the variety of sizes and quality. You can choose the appropriate size and click on the downloading option. The downloaded thumbnail will be available in “downloads” on your computer.

You can use this site to add some creative ideas to your thumbnail. Many thumbnail-downloading sites often cause the risks of viruses on your device. CONVERTZEN is one of the safest and most convenient sites that offers various online tools. You can safely download your required thumbnail from this site in a few minutes.

Best Size For YouTube Thumbnails

As I stated earlier, you must be mindful when choosing the size of your thumbnail. Although various options appear when downloading a thumbnail, you need to meet the requirements of Youtube. Otherwise, it will not support your thumbnail and won’t let you post it. You must know various platforms have their conditions that a user must follow.

Your thumbnail must have a size of 1280 pixels by 720 pixels to meet the requirements of Youtube. Furthermore, the expected ratio of a perfect thumbnail is approximately 16:9. The minimum width of your thumbnail should be around 640 pixels. One of the significant factors of a youtube thumbnail is that the image must be under 2MB. Last but not least, YouTube uses thumbnail images in JPG, GIF, or PNG. If your image type is different, you can convert it with the help of online image-converting sites.

How To Add A Thumbnail On YouTube?

Though some people might find the thumbnail downloading process difficult, uploading it on Youtube is relatively easy. You have to open your profile by clicking the camera+ button. After opening the profile, you can initiate uploading your video and add the thumbnail. In the case of an uploaded video, you can edit it and post the thumbnail. You have to open Youtube Studio Dashboard, and your uploaded video will appear. Click on the edit option and add your required thumbnail to the video.

How To Create Quality Thumbnails?

Although you can download thumbnails from Youtube, you can edit them to make them more creative and attractive. Many online sites offer the customization of thumbnails. You can use them to add some creativity to your thumbnail. The following are a few ways, helping to create good-quality thumbnails for Youtube.

Use Different Thumbnail Designs

One of the well-known methods for adding creativity to thumbnails is using different thumbnail designs. You can find a variety of creative designs for Youtube thumbnails. Add the most suitable and appropriate design according to the content of your video. This method can attract more people to your content because the viewers get attracted to creative ideas.

Avoid Misleading Titles And Information

One of the common problems with YouTubers is that they add misleading titles and information in their thumbnails, which play a prominent role in less viewership. Therefore, I recommend adding the correct title and images to your video. Try to add the proper and creative title to increase the viewership of your blog or video.

Make Collage

You might know many content creators on YouTube make a collage of various images in the Thumbnails. Well, it is one of the creative ideas to increase viewership. You can collect some thumbnails from the internet and merge them. Making a collage does not mean making a mess. In short, try to keep the thumbnail decent and tidy.

Add Additional Graphics

Although many thumbnails use various graphics, you can add some additional graphics to enhance the look of your thumbnail. In short, you need to add some extra creative ideas to the downloaded thumbnail to improve its look. You must know that viewers like creative pictures and videos. Therefore, using various creative ideas can attract more people to your content, increasing the success of your video.

Ways To Get The Perfect Thumbnail

Many factors play a significant role in making your thumbnail perfect and appropriate for Youtube. One must be mindful of some facts because they provide the most suitable thumbnails for YouTube. As I stated earlier, you should not add misleading or wrong information on your thumbnail because a thumbnail represents the content of your video. If it contains incorrect information, it can cause various troubles for you.

In short, try to add authentic information related to your video in the thumbnail. Moreover, you must add a one-line summary of your video in the thumbnail as a title. One of the common mistakes that many content creators make is the title’s size in a thumbnail. Try to keep your thumbnail title’s size average. A small text is difficult to read, while a large text creates a mess on the thumbnail. Therefore, try to keep the title visible.

In addition, I will recommend you add some contrasting colors and highlighted text in your thumbnails. People are attracted more to colorful stuff. Therefore, a bright and creative thumbnail will attract more people to see your content. If you follow the above guidelines, you can accomplish a perfect thumbnail for your YouTube content.

Facts About Youtube Thumbnails

  • The following are a few facts about perfect YouTube thumbnails to increase your viewership.
  • Add authentic information.
  • Use creative ideas.
  • Add contrasting colors.
  • Highlight your text.
  • You should keep your thumbnail decent.
  • Use average size for writing titles.
  • Create a connection between the thumbnail and your video.


How do I download a YouTube thumbnail?

The best and most convenient way to download a YouTube thumbnail is using CONVERTZEN. It is an online site that offers various online tools, including a YouTube thumbnail downloader. You need to add the link to YouTube and download the appropriate size thumbnail.

Do thumbnails matter?

Thumbnails play a prominent role in the success of an article and can help increase the viewership of YouTube videos. You must use high-quality thumbnails to make your video successful.

How do I save a thumbnail?

Although many apps and sites offer various ways to download a thumbnail, I recommend using CONVERTZEN because this site is easy to use and is less time-consuming.

Where are thumbnails stored?

When you download a thumbnail from an online thumbnail downloader, the downloaded thumbnail appears in the “Downloads” on your computer. The position of a thumbnail might change with the type of device you are using.

How do I make my YouTube thumbnail HD?

Making a YouTube thumbnail is an easy task. You need to copy the link to the YouTube video, paste it on CONVERTZEN, and choose an HD-quality size for the thumbnail.

Final Words

The above article contains the details of the YouTube thumbnail downloaders. You might know that a YouTube thumbnail plays a significant role in the success of your video. One can download a thumbnail by copying the link to the YouTube video, pasting it on CONVERTZEN, and downloading the image according to the required size and quality. This site can be helpful for many beginners because it does not use complicated methods and is comparatively more effortless to use than others. Hopefully, you found this guide beneficial.